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Peace of Mind Home Inspections has your best interests in mind. When buying, selling, or having a home built. A professional home inspection is the best way to go. PMHI will evaluate the condition of the home from the ground to the roof and provide our customers with all the facts about the home in a detailed report. At PMHI, client satisfaction is our number one priority. Included with every inspection, the home buyer will receive the book; “Now that you’ve Had a Home Inspection”. This book is centered around best practices in maintaining your home post inspection. We are eager to earn your trust and business.


The benefit of a home inspection

On the surface, a house’s condition can be somewhat deceiving it could give the impression of being ok, but the walls of the structure could be hiding issues you may not notice right away. Home inspectors are qualified to recognize these types of problems. They have been trained to detect and help avoid unfortunate and or costly surprises.
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What is inspected

Grading, Foundation, Roofing condition, Roof ventilation, Flashing/Gutters, Chimney condition, Attic ventilation, Trusses, Insulation quality, Exterior insulation, Heating and Air conditioning systems, Plumbing, Ejector pumps, Water heaters, Electrical Systems, Service panels, Wiring, Appliances, Basement/Crawl space
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One Year Builders Warranty Inspections

It is wise to have a professional home inspection performed before the one-year warranty expires, one or two months prior to the expiration date, so you know exactly what needs to be corrected.
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Presale Inspections

Conducted prior to putting your home on the market. This inspection provides you a better understanding of the conditions of your home.
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Purchase Inspections

This inspection is used to help you as the buyer to make the best-informed decision about the home you are considering to purchase.
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New Construction

Used to detect and remediate any problems before signing off on a newly constructed home makes the questions of the home owner recourse much less of an issue.
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Posted on: Jan 17th 2018


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